Oink Ink Radio is holding a contest that gives writers the chance to bring out their dead scripts and resurrect them.
The New York-based radio-production company is holding its third annual “Dead Radio” Contest for any writer wishing to submit, from creatives to students. The best script that was never produced–whether due to rejection by an agency client or not–will be produced free by Oink Ink.
The first-place winner gets a free weekend for two in New York or Los Angeles, as well as the chance to be on hand for the spot’s production, which will be used for promotional purposes by Oink Ink and posted on its www.OinkRadio.com Web site, said company president Dan Price.
Price said that so far, the possibility of an agency client refusing production by Oink Ink of any rejected script has not surfaced. But Oink Ink ensures permission is given to produce and use selected scripts, he added.
Last year’s contest got more than 1,000 entries, said Price, who said some contestants have even been hired by Oink Ink.
Submission deadline is April 15. Second and third prizes are also planned. Oink Ink can be contacted through its Web site; phone number, (800) 776-OINK; or fax number, (212) 697-6265.
–Simon Butle