Hallmark Builds Relationships

Hallmark abandons its 4-year-old “Cards work” tagline for a softer, brand-oriented approach in a new $30 million campaign from Leo Burnett here.

The new work, which breaks today, introduces the line “They’ll never forget you remembered” as a way to highlight the importance of relationships to the target audience: women over 35, said Kylie Watson-Wheeler, the Kansas City, Mo., company’s director of advertising.

“It’s about reminding her how it feels to give and receive a card,” Watson-Wheeler said. “We spent a lot of time developing a line that had a strong call to action.”

The first of five television spots in the new effort uses a Mother’s Day theme. The spot features a song, with lyrics written by Burnett chief creative officer Cheryl Berman, called “Rememberin’.” The song includes lyrics such as “It’s about that connection between me and you” and “I’m smiling now because I remembered you.” It provides a musical background for black-and-white pictures from photographer Sharon Wohlmuth. On-screen text encourages viewers to remember aunts, daughters, mothers and friends.

Berman said that Burnett wanted to remind the target audience of all its relationships. “[They use] cards a lot; they don’t want to do e-mail or faxes. They want to make a connection.”

The shop enlisted Grammy winner Shawn Colvin to sing the song, and actress Blythe Danner delivers the tagline in a voiceover.

Remaining commercials will show case other traditional card-giving occasions.