Ace Metrix: Halfway Through the Olympics, Chobani, GE and Coke Lead in Ad Effectiveness

Social video a different story

Analytics firm Ace Metrix has proclaimed gold, silver and bronze medalists among Olympic advertisers (thus far)—Chobani brings home first place, GE second and Coke third in the company's proprietary measurement of ad effectiveness. Ace Metrix measures viewer reaction to national TV ads based on a random representative selection, and logs watchability, persuasion, relevance and other stats.

Ace CEO Peter Daboll said he saw some ads taking off and others that didn't quite hit, notably Nike's Olympics campaign. "We see eight different ads featuring normal people finding their greatness," wrote Daboll in the report. "Four ads are connecting well across demographics. Four ads are falling extremely short, well below the category and Olympic norm.” Daboll also said that while P&G's "Thank You Mom" campaign was very effective, that campaign only accounted for 10 of the company's 30 ads.

Interestingly, other analysts cut the fat differently. Unruly Media, which exclusively tracks social media, keeps a running tally of its own ad effectiveness measurements and has P&G coming in first by a long shot, with 2.4 million total shared videos, ahead of Samsung and British energy concern EDF in second and third place, respectively.

And, of course, regardless of penetration, some of the ads are pretty great.