Hal Riney Retires From Publicis & Hal Riney

SAN FRANCISCO-Hal Riney, an advertising legend who crafted the “It’s morning again in America,” campaign for then-presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, as well as the loveable Bartles & Jaymes spokesman, is retiring from Publicis & Hal Riney, according to sources.

Riney, 69, will take on the title of chairman emeritus, according to an agency statement. The agency would not confirm that Riney had officially retired, but sources said he will no longer oversee any creative work or accounts at the shop he founded. Riney has been semi-retired for years, only coming into the shop occasionally to help with projects.

“I notice that I’m the only one on the program who’s not retired,” Riney said at his recent induction into the Advertising Hall of Fame, according to the statement. “Since the rules say this honor is reserved for those who have substantially vacated their careers, I asked the American Advertising Federation if it’d be okay if I still went to the office. They said it would be okay so long as nobody paid attention to anything I said. Which is pretty much the case.”

Agency president Scott Marshall said that Riney will still help on special projects and occasionally work as an advisor. Riney had been recently working almost daily at the agency as Riney tried to retain the $300 million Saturn business.