Haggar’s Retro Is New

With distinctive imagery and a vintage sensibility in place, GSD&M this week launches its first television work for Haggar Clothing Co. since landing the account last year.
A 30-second spot, breaking this Thursday on NBC’s ER, promotes the company’s year-old Black Label line and introduces a “Cool comes around” tagline.
Backed by an estimated $5 million budget, the commercial will air on additional network prime time shows as well as on national cable outlets including ESPN and VH1 through December.
The ad, titled ” ’30s Guy,” mixes black-and-white and color imagery. It was created using the proprietary software of Cerulean Digital Color & Animation in Los Angeles.
In the spot, a 1930s-style man is shown in black-and-white strolling through a colorful ’90s office building, which is furnished with classic Art Deco pieces. His co-workers appear, all of them shot in color and wearing Black Label clothing. The spot later follows ’30s Guy to a club that features big band music and dancing, where he is spotted by a woman who tells the bartender, “I’d like to buy the guy in black and white a drink.”
Alan Burks, Haggar’s senior vice president of marketing, said in a statement the commercial reflects the fact that the high-end Black Label line was “inspired by classic styles that were cool 60 years ago and are still cool now.”
The television spot is supported by an ongoing print campaign, aimed at women, that launched in September 1997.