Disoriented by stress? Suffering from immune deficiencies possibly caused by exposure to antibiotics, pesticides, radiation or even too much high-fructose corn syrup?

All of these symptoms could suggest a very human response to the toxicity of modern life; and since I’ve never heard of a syndrome I didn’t identify with, I’m already feeling a rash. But there’s really no joking about Colony Collapse Disorder, the name given to the sudden and mysterious disappearance of millions of honeybees from their hives. The actual causes still a riddle, CCD has become a national emergency, since the little honey makers are responsible for pollinating up to a third of all the food we eat. (It becomes even more of an emergency in the wake of a growing global food crisis.)

Meanwhile, as more and more advertisers attempt to establish their environmental bona fides in the form of some eco-connection, the honey-dependent people at H

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