‘Guys Who Screwed Up’: TBC ‘Makes ’em Lovable, Micron Likeable’

Middle managers losing their jobs because they did not know about Micron Electronics is the thrust of the firm’s first national broadcast push. The $5 million initiative breaks today.
Trahan, Burden & Charles of Baltimore created three spots for the Nampa, Idaho-based client. The theme: “Now you know.”
“This is an awareness and branding campaign for the medium and larger business decision maker,” said Micron director of marketing Pete Johnson. “We’re broadening our scope because corporate customers want a relationship with the provider.” Micron has mostly been advertising in core PC publications.
In the 30-second “Park Bench” spot, a former executive who recently became “redundant” feeds the pigeons and circles ads in the newspaper. He plaintively lists the advantages of Micron and how he could have saved his job if only he had known about its products. “Beach” and “Office” follow the same direction, only in one a man is combing the beach with a metal detector and in the other he cleans out his office and puts his belongings in a box.
“These spots are about the guys who screwed up,” said TBC principal Allen Charles. “But we wanted to make them lovable and Micron likeable. There’s pressure to keep up with the technical Joneses in business and we wanted to acknowledge that.”
The broadcast effort is supported by print ads. The campaign airs through early December on a variety of broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CNN, CBS, ESPN, NBC and TBS, according to John Liebenthal, Micron broadcast director.