Gum In Cheek

J. Walter Thompson today breaks a 30-second TV spot for Warner Lambert’s new Trident Advantage gum with the tagline, “As exciting as oral hygiene gets.”
The new premium-priced chewing gum continues Trident’s health heritage.
“We wanted to marry fun to a strong dental message,” said Michael Hart, group creative director at the New York shop.
The spot opens at the “School of Dentistry.”
A professor addresses a packed lecture hall, proclaiming, “Today we’re going to discuss molars!” The class cheers as a voiceover declares, “Let’s be honest. Tooth care has never been too exciting. Until now.”
The spot cuts to a closeup of a smiling student (shown here). His teeth gleam–evidence of Trident Advantage’s ability to reduce plaque and whiten teeth.
The professor then announces that next week’s topic will be fillings. A swooning student collapses in response.
The spot was helmed by Hank Perlman of New York’s Hungry Man Productions, whose credits include ESPN and Nike commercials. –Hank Kim