Guinness “Irish”

Today I am Eleftheria O’Parpis. Or does Ellie McParpis sound any more Irish? A new Guinness online ad from BBDO New York declares, “Today, we’re all Irish,” and encourages people to “boldly” take the day off from work on St. Patrick’s Day to “honor my people.” In one of the most multicultural ad castings I’ve seen in quite a while, all sorts of New Yorkers declare their Irish heritage for the day. “Today I am a master of the Irish jig,” says a black man doing a dance. A guy wearing a yamaka says he’ll eat “corn beef and cabbage, kosher.” The man-on-the-street shots lead up to the on-screen message, “Boldly ask for St. Patrick’s Day off” and the tagline, “Fortune favors the bold.” Yeah, good luck! –Eleftheria Parpis