GTE Diversifies Via Ornelas

GTE has named long-time Hispanic marketing partner Ornelas & Associates here as its designated agency for ethnic advertising targeting Latino, African-American and Asian-American audiences.
The account, estimated by industry sources at $2-5 million, will feature a major corporate imaging campaign that will evolve into ads for each of the ethnic communities, according to the company and agency president Victor Ornelas.
The shop will break its first work in May, incorporating the “People moving ideas” themeline from the general market advertising of Ogilvy & Mather in New York.
“To this point, all of our work [for GTE] has been exclusively product focused,” said Ornelas.
Print advertising in minority publications will be the thrust of the corporate image assignments. GTE is undecided about utilizing television for the campaign.
Sheryl Sellaway, staff manager for diversity management at GTE, said the campaign will have two phases: the first will be a series of umbrella ads that will be directed across the board at Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American audiences. That work will be followed by more specialized ads aimed at each community.
Lattimer, Lassiter, Moffitt Advertising in Atlanta will partner with Ornelas on the African-American campaign, as will Lang Murakawa & Wong of Los Angeles for work aimed at Asian-Americans.
Besides consumer pitches, Ornelas will also aid the company’s diversity marketing and management department in expanding its multicultural supplier and employee programs.
Ornelas declined comment on billings, but said that GTE is now the largest account on his roster. Other clients include Mobil gasoline, 7-Eleven convenience stores, Borden and Banc One.