GSOP Crafts Pro Bono Campaign

Greenberg Seronick O’Leary & Partners recently launched a pro bono effort for the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

The MSA fosters volunteering by giving grants to organizations in need of volunteers. GSOP, Boston, crafted three posters for the organization posing the question, “What if there were no heroes?”

One poster shows comic book-style art of Fantasma, a muscular heroine, battling an evil jester. Copy reads, “As the searing flames lick the steps of city hall, Fantasma realizes she must destroy the Evil Jester once and for all.” She leaps a burning car and lands within inches of the Evil Jester. With all her strength, Fantasma shrieks out the words that seal the fate of the city: “I’m really quite busy, how about I write a check and we call it even?”

Another depicts a fairy tale princess in need of help. Copy reads, “The beautiful Princess struggled beneath the evil clutches of the wicked wizard. The chivalrous prince bravely leaped from his white horse and catapulted over the croc-infested moat. Upon finding the dank dungeon that imprisoned his true love, Prince Dudley whispered through the cold, iron bars, ‘I don’t want to get in-volved. Can’t someone else help out?'”

Posters will appear in libraries around the state, and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority said it will donate space. Co-creative directors Gary Greenberg and Peter Seronick worked on the campaign with art director Glenn Britland and copywriter Amy Lottero.