GS&H Cooks Up Ads

Online Food Retailer Targets Affluent With New Name, Campaign
SAN FRANCISCO–Grant, Scott & Hurley last week launched the first phase of a $5-10 million national TV and print campaign to promote the name change of Digital Chef to
The work uses the tag, “Specialty food. Kitchenware. Inspiration,” to describe Tavolo, St. Helena, Calif., an online retailer of gourmet food and upscale cooking-related products.
Although the company’s Web site received more than a million visitors while known as Digital Chef, founder and chief executive officer Kevin Applebaum said the name lacked the finesse and, ultimately, the strength to survive and grow into the future.
The name Tavolo, which is Italian for table, was selected for its elegant sound, not for its literal meaning, according to Applebaum.
“We are trying to reach an affluent customer,” he said, with the primary target being educated women over 35 with a household income of at least $75,000 and a passion for cooking.
The San Francisco agency’s three 30-second TV spots play up this passion with images of regular people using their talent and energy to make great hamburgers, spice up steamy dishes with garlic and design elaborate tiered cakes.
The campaign’s launch print ad shows an empty plate surrounded by condiments such as mustard.
The text reads, “Here’s your canvas. Do you have all of your paints and brushes?”