GSD&M Treats Tostitos as a Daily Snack

DALLAS GSD&M’s first work for Tostitos positions the brand as chips for everyday occasions, rather than mere party fare, the shop said.

The Austin, Texas, agency was awarded creative duties in December. Frito-Lay began talking with GSD&M last spring when it asked the agency to create a campaign specifically for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 2, according to sources, who said Tostitos incumbent BBDO in New York also produced work. The campaigns of both Omnicom agencies were in “testing” for months, according to sources.

The Plano, Texas-based client not only chose GSD&M’s work for the bowl game, but also decided to give the account to the agency, sources said.

The team led by group creative directors Tom Gilmore and Rich Tlapek developed the Tostitos work that won the account.

“Elevator,” which aired during the football game, opens with five neighbors sitting on the floor of a stalled apartment elevator. As they snack on Tostitos chips from a grocery bag, they ask questions to become better acquainted with one another. Soon the elevator begins moving, but a man near the control panel hits the stop button. As his neighbor says, “Good thinking. Pass the Tostitos,” he’s seconded by, “We should do this more often.” The spot closes with the tagline, “Meet you at the Tostitos,” which replaces “Dig in. Cut back.”

“Meeting” follows a similar theme, but shows co-workers gathering in a conference room for some chips and dip. As everyone talks and eats, a manager walks in carrying several overstuffed binders. He looks at the group and says, “Thanks for coming to today’s productivity meeting. The next few hours should be very enlightening.”

The two national cable and network commercials will air through June, with a potential third spot breaking soon after.

Frito-Lay spent $30 million last year through October to advertise Tostitos, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Omnicom’s OMD handles media for the brand.