GSD&M Returns to Gridiron for Southwest

DALLAS GSD&M introduces two new spots Thursday in the “It must be football season” campaign for Southwest Airlines.

In a spot titled “Snack Time,” young children are shown staring wide-eyed at something yet to be identified as a gurgling sound is heard. Two classmates are then shown wearing body paint and beverage helmets with tubes inserted into milk cartons. An overlay appears with the words: “It must be football season.” Victor Camozzi and Bryan Edwards were the copywriter and art director, respectively.

The second spot, “Popped,” shows two women shopping for towels in a department store. When one woman bends over to look at some towels, the other pops her on the rear end with a rolled towel. The tagline then appears over the scene. “Popped” was written by Heather Gorman and art directed by Jeff Spillane.

GSD&M, an Omnicom agency based in Austin, Texas, has been creating the spots to promote Southwest during the football season since 1998. The first spot, “Wedding,” showed members of a wedding party dumping the punch bowl on the bride and groom as they danced at their reception. The 2001 campaign was withheld until 2002 because of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, said Dianna Howell, vice president and account director at GSD&M.

The spots are airing on cable and network stations. Dallas-based Camelot Communications is the media buyer for Southwest. Campaign spending is undisclosed.