GSD&M Keeps Fannie Mae’s Home Fires Burning

GSD&M has released new work in its ongoing campaign for Fannie Mae Foundation’s consumer information “Credit Mat ters” and “Opening Doors” initiatives.

The Austin, Texas, agency’s has created six 30-second television spots to air on prime-time network shows and cable channels such as AHN, BPE, TBS, USA, VH1, Fox, Discovery and Lifetime. The shop also created a half-hour program, Borrowing Basics: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, which will run on BET starting March 25.

FMF is a subsidiary of Fannie Mae Corp., the nation’s largest home money lender.

The budget is undisclosed. Last year the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit spent $50 million, per Competitive Media Reporting.

The spots target first-time home buyers in the African American and Hispanic markets. The “Credit Matters” ads speak to the repercussions of credit card spending, predatory lenders, and how slow payment of debts affects consumers’ chances of owning their own home.

An effective “Waiting” portrays a nervous couple and their broker listening for the call that will decide their future. A voiceover fills the silence: “Should be any second now … Considering how important your credit history is to your dreams, wouldn’t you like to feel more confident about it?”

“Each spot is designed to get the viewer into the free guides published by Fannie Mae,” said GSD&M account manager Ann Monachino.

TV commercials for the “Opening Doors” program seek to inspire future buyers.

In “Surprise,” which GSD&M creative director and copywriter Rich Terry said wrote itself, a husband brings his children a dog. His anxious wife demurs, “But you told them we couldn’t get a dog until we got the house.” Her husband smiles, “We got the house.”