Growing From Its Music Video Roots, This Shop Has Branched Into All Areas of Advertising

Ghost Robot counts Ford among its accounts


Who (Back row) Partners/executive producers Mark De Pace and Zach Mortensen; (front row) head of production Belinda Mayne and director/creative director Adam Levite

What Production company

Where Brooklyn, N.Y.

Behind the garage doors of its street-level studio in hipster-haven Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Ghost Robot is slowly completing its transformation. It opened in 2005 working on music videos (including Björk), but outgrew that narrow focus and now counts both agencies and brands—including Verizon, Southwest Airlines and Ford, its biggest account to date—as clients for various campaign production aspects. Its name refers to the early 20th century philosophical concept of the ghost in the machine—or in the company’s case, the soul in the work. “Also, it sounds cool!” said partner Mark De Pace, adding that the shop is still in the midst of its evolution. Its office space, for example, “is still a bit rough around the edges, but that reflects on who we are and what we do,” he said.

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