Group Takes Aim At Michael Moore

As Michael Moore storms into the presidential debate with his anti-Bush film Fahrenheit 911, a conservative group is preparing to strike back.

Washington-based Citizens United is at work on an anti-Moore ad. David Bossie, the group’s president and author of anti-Bill Clinton books Slick Willie and Intelligence Failure, said Moore has been targeted because he “is a Bush hater and may just be an America hater.”

The ad is still in production, but Bossie said it will aim to see that Moore “not be taken seriously. … I want people to know who is trying to shove these [anti-Bush] messages down their throats: [George] Soros, the billionaire, and Moore, a well-documented liar who doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

Bossie said the ad will likely launch in D.C. and battleground states when Moore’s movie is released in the U.S. The film does not yet have a domestic distributor.

Moore was screening Fahrenheit 911 in Cannes last week. A rep said he was not available for comment.

Citizens United, a 501(c)(4) organization, has aired five ads during this campaign. Each was backed with a media buy in the six figures, Bossie said. Two featured Fred Thompson, ex-U.S. senator and Law & Order star, and countered’s Martin Sheen spots.

Separately, the Federal Election Commission’s recent decision not to implement regulations on 527 soft-money groups this year has caused the GOP to reverse course on the issue. It will now work to get Republican supporters to build a network to rival the Democrats’ 527 fundraising structure, in which Soros is a major contributor. Bossie predicted a wealthy donor on the right may soon emerge to fund ads supporting President Bush.