Ground Zero Visualizes Music

NEW YORK Ground Zero’s holiday campaign for Virgin Digital visually translates song lyrics into a viral Web cartoon and print ad.

The Los Angeles shop created the campaign in an effort to position Virgin Digital, currently the No. 9 online music provider, as the only e-tunes service with music at its core, according to senior copywriter Kristina Slade.

“[Virgin] is originally a music company,” Slade said. “It seemed like everybody else was about the bits and bytes and technology. Nobody was getting to the heart of what it’s all about: music.”

The campaign depicts a fantastical world made up entirely of images culled from music lyrics. For example, there’s “purple rain” in one part of the ad and Web animation, along with God saving the queen and blue suede shoes. In all, 35 lyrics were animated and illustrated, both shot by photographer Vincent Dixon and retouched by Catherine Chauvet. Tagline: “Exercise your music muscle.”

Court Crandall was the creative director on the effort, and Rodrigo Butori was the art director.

The print ad broke this month in December issues of magazines including Fader, Filter, Relix and Urb.