Groovy in Denim

Unwashed and clad mainly in (what else?) denim, young A-listers and their pals packed the trendy Standard Hotel in L.A. last week to see Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s first TV U.S. ads for Levi’s and, perhaps more to the point, to glimpse Phantom Planet and their new Roman Coppola-directed “Lonely Day” video.

The band played downstairs, and the crowd then headed up to the 12th floor to view the video and ads. With the elevator jammed, many took the stairs, only to be harassed and detained by jittery security guards at the top. “This is the worst-organized party,” Legally Blonde writer Karen Lutz muttered. “Phantom Planet is great, but we were horded into a stairwell and held hostage!”

The mob was eventually let in, and the love fest could begin. Jason Schwartzman, Max from Rushmore and Phantom Planet’s drummer, praised the jean maker profusely. “We’ve been with them for the last year and a half,” he said. “They support us so much.”

“They’re my favorite pants that come in denim,” Friends’ Matthew Perry added. “When I hear about a party from Levi’s, I’m in!”

One partygoer in particular had his priorities straight. “The best part about Levi’s tie-in with Phantom Planet is they can get old-school Levi’s,” he said, noting that a trip to five thrift stores had yielded nothing. “Levi’s really do hold an ass like no other jean.”