Grocer Does Roadwork

It’s official. The job market in Texas is so wide open, agencies are now recommending their clients start begging for hired help.
Well, in at least one case, it has.
In Austin, Texas, T3 recently was asked to tap into its relationship marketing acumen to find out how a new H.E. Butt Grocery Co.’s Central Market store would find about 345 workers. (Local analysts are already predicting that 25 percent of all Austin companies are looking to make first-quarter hires.)
So with Central Market’s existing employees, T3 arranged for them to appear at Austin’s eight busiest intersections, bearing signs stating, “We work for food . . . you can too!”
Passersby would be given an orange and a job application.
Those employees who were canvassing for co-workers had better get some sunscreen. H.E.B. will need to fill another 600 jobs in a few months.
–Glen Fest