Grinch Video/DVD Bows Late Nov.

After earning $260 million as last year’s biggest movie, Universal Pictures’ Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas debuts on video and DVD this Nov. 20. The video is backed by what the studio this week said will be $20 million in media support with promotions from Heinz, Hershey and Wendy’s. Heinz is a new partner, but Hershey and Wendy’s promoted the film’s release, though other Grinch theatrical sponsors such as Kellogg, Sprite and Nabisco were not listed this week as video/DVD promotional partners.

Along with a studio sweepstakes, rebate offers and a three-month advertising campaign, Universal said Heinz plans a ten-week promotion with the Grinch character gracing green EZ-Squirt ketchup bottles, which currently tout Mike Myers’ green ogre/star of DreamWorks Pictures’ upcoming film Shrek. Hershey will make customized Grinch candies, kids’ meal toys will be at fast-food chain Wendy’s, and online marketing is planned at Universal said it also plans a month-long November campaign putting Grinch stickers on some 100 million bananas.

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