Grey: That’s Some Spicy Pringles Chip

NEW YORK Big and small, young and old sweat it out in Grey’s new spot introducing Pringles Fiery Hot brand, breaking on the post-Super Bowl episode of Survivor on Sunday.

The 30-second spot by the New York shop spoofs sports ads by showing different types of people, from an elderly lady to a muscular athlete, sweating, shaking and snarling with pain to a rousing orchestral score. The end of the commercial reveals that their expressions aren’t caused by athletic exertions, but rather from eating the spicy potato chip. The Pringles logo appears to conclude the spot; there is no tagline.

“We were trying to play off the sports genre of commercials,” said Grey creative director Rob Baiocco. “At the same time, we’re tipping our hat to people who are not necessarily athletes.”

The ad was one of the concepts submitted in the Procter & Gamble Super Bowl commercial competition last year, but did not make the cut (a Charmin spot won the contest).

The team of Vogel-Villar-Rios directed the ad out of Believe Media in Los Angeles, and brought out the “fake drama” the creative team was looking for during the one-day shoot in Los Angeles. Other Grey personnel on the spot included creative director Jim Johnson, art director Scott Davis and copywriter Glenn Porter.

No other spots for Pringles Fiery Hot brand are presently planned. Spending on the spot is undisclosed. Procter & Gamble spent approximately $30 million in measured media advertising the flagship Pringles brand in 2002 and another $30 million over the first 11 months of 2003, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.