Grey Up to ‘Scratch’ on Lottery

Grey Advertising’s first full campaign for the New York State Lottery will introduce the Scratchers game and carry a new tagline, “Saving New York from the ordinary day.”
Grey’s spots revolve around “Scratcher Guy,” who holds down a workaday job as a clerk in a convenience market. Secretly, he envisions himself as a superhero, saving New Yorkers from boredom and mediocrity. Periodically, he whips off his apron and wears it as a cape.
The first 30-second spot shows him dolling out new “Ticket to Ride” cards–where players can win a new car–to people stuck in a traffic jam. Grey may employ other taglines for other games, including ousted incumbent DDB Needham’s “Hey, you never know” line.
New York-based DDB’s well-known campaign featured a smirking man–and sometimes his mother–who interrupted important events to announce the latest jackpot amounts over a bullhorn.
Grey beat the 10-year incumbent in August to win the $60 million account.
Richard Mahan, senior creative director, tipped his hat to the previous agency: “DDB had such a strong heritage of doing great work that we had to do something that was at least as good if not better,” he said. “The standard of excellence was set. It’s one of the best accounts in advertising because of the potential to do good work,” said Mahan.
The spot will be supported with radio and collateral materials until mid-February, when a new game will be introduced.