Grey Cloud, Silver Lining

Grey Entertainment, having recently been relieved of its advertising duties for the ABC Television Network after 22 years, has now become the subject of two eyebrow-raising trade print ads.

A classified display ad has been running in the back of Adweek specifically recruiting ‘all former Grey Advertising ABC-TV Print Designers!’

The ad wants staffers interested in ‘trading in those ‘grey’ skies for sun and fun in beautiful Santa Monica.’ The ad came from a source associated with the CBS Television print ad account, identified only as ‘Trixie.’

This was followed by a full-page ad (shown here) in a recent issue of a trade magazine, taken out by ABC, thanking Grey, New York, for 22 years of great ads.

The ad neglects to mention that Grey no longer handles ABC’s $40 million daytime and entertainment TV programming account, now at TBWA Chiat/Day in New York.

‘We appreciate the ad by ABC, but we’ve moved forward,’ said Gerry Logue, president, Grey Entertainment.

ABC executives could not be reached for comment.

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