Grey Bows Game Ads

Grey Advertising today kicks off an estimated $10 million statewide campaign for a new New York Lottery game, which is meant to build on millennium excitement.
The New York Millennium Millions game starts with a $50 million jackpot and increases through Dec. 31; it could possibly grow to $100 million or more, sources said. On New Year’s Eve, the winning number will be announced in a televised drawing.
Teasers for the game debuted last week, trumpeting the theme, “One night. One drawing. One big jackpot,” and the Dec. 5 sales date for game cards.
“The idea was to end 1999 on a high note, especially with all the millennium celebrations,” said executive creative director Richard Mahan.
Actor Jerry Orbach speaks the voiceover for the radio work, which broke last week from the shop here. Print ads break today in statewide newspapers and are designed as how-to’s on playing the game.
The 15-second teasers and the 30-second TV spot, most of which are in black and white, and derivative of 1930s movie-musical trailers, emulate the appearance and feel of a Busby Berkeley extravaganza, said Mahan.
The spot’s opening scene shows sheets of money rolling off a printing press as a man twirls his fedora, exclaiming, “It’s the biggest game New York has ever seen.”
Onscreen, bold white type reads, “The New York Lottery presents,” while the action segues to uniformed workers handing off bundles of money, as if on an assembly line.
“We just love the thrill of making money,” the energetic cast sings. “Lots and lots of lovely money.”
The spot ends with a fade to color as the camera pulls out on the cast, which was culled from current Broadway musicals and sings beneath the logo for the New York Millennium Millions game.
“We go into color at the end like The Wizard of Oz,” Mahan said.
Spending on this effort is extracted from New York Lottery’s annual $60 million budget. Executives at the client could not be reached for comment. K