Grey Airs First Uproar Work

‘Fun’ Is Key for Gaming Site Ads; Branching Out Foreseen
NEW YORK–Grey Entertainment breaks its first national branding campaign this week for new client, a gaming Web site that is looking to become a household name.
TV, radio and outdoor ads break today to coincide with the redesign of the Uproar site, which launched in February.
“There’s a huge opportunity to emerge as a leader in entertaining consumers on the Internet,” said Uproar president Chris Hassett, who pegged media spending behind the campaign at $10-12 million. “No company has emerged yet and built their entertainment site as a brand.”
Uproar is among several startups vying with the likes of Sony Entertainment to bring interactive games to the Web. In August, Uproar ranked first with a 5.7 share, followed by (3.1 share), (2.9) and (2.6), per Media Metrix, which measures reach and frequency of Web sites.
The New York shop’s campaign for Uproar is tagged, “Let there be fun.”
The first of two 30-second TV spots shows morning business commuters on a suburban railroad, grimly setting down their briefcases, coffee cups and newspapers. They solemnly pop coins into vending machines, from which they each retrieve a big, red rubber ball. After one gray-suited woman bellows, “Bombardment!” her “team” hurls the balls toward riders on the opposite platform, who gleefully retaliate.
“What if all the fun people in the world got together?” a voiceover asks. “ An online world of games and prizes.”
A second spot is set in a bar, where two men decide to settle a dispute by competing in a jump-roping match.
“The Uproar brand will expand into other avenues of entertainment [besides video games, bingo and trivia], but the experience will always be about fun,” said Rob Jacobson, Grey Entertainment’s senior creative director.
“It’s not your teenage video-game type target,” he added, noting the median age of the site’s nearly 3 million users is 32, with slightly more women than men signed up.