The Greens’ Scene

NEW YORK — The Greens, a fictional family, uses Fuji Photo Film to capture everyday moments in a new campaign that breaks today from Publicis, New York. Spending is estimated at $20 million.

In one of three 30-second spots, Mr. Green offers his daughter’s date candy after learning that the teen is a mascot for the high school football team. The dad uses a Fine Pix F401 digital camera to catch his daughter’s disgust when she notices her escort’s licorice-filled braces.

Another ad finds Mrs. Green and her children frantically searching for a QuickSnap one-time-use camera. Once it’s found, they shoot Mr. Green vacuuming. Mrs. Green lauds him, saying, “I’m so proud of you honey.”

In the third, Mr. Green uses Fuji’s digital photo-developing kiosks to process shots of his wife and kids. When he gets home, he puts the photos on a couch and plays charades. The family walks in as he’s grimacing horribly.

The work, aimed at households with kids, is meant to show Fuji has the products for capturing both special and everyday events, said Publicis group account director Jennifer Garr.

“Taking pictures used to be about special occasions … . Today, people are using these products everyday. We wanted to reflect that,” added Publicis ecd David Corr.

The name Green leverages Fuji’s signature color, said Corr. Last year’s effort, also from Publicis, showed people using Fuji products to attract a girl or make up for a forgotten anniversary. The tagline has changed from, “Do you speak Fuji?” to “Get the picture,” a line the client deemed “universally adaptable,” said Corr.

The goal is the same: Move Fuji’s image beyond the familiar green box of film and position it as a leader in new imaging technology, said Garr.

Spots will appear through year’s end on programs such as Alias and ER, and cable networks like TLC and VH1. Print will run in magazines such as People and Wired.