For Greenpeace, No Day Like Today

Greenpeace doesn’t often follow the lead of Twentieth Century Fox. But the environmental group is imitating the massive marketing push for The Day After Tomorrow to raise awareness of the real dangers of global warming.

A spoof Web site,, looks a lot like Fox’s, down to the colors, navigation bars, even a rudimentary trailer. But the language is tweaked: “The day after tomorrow. Where will you be?” becomes “The day is today. What will you do?”

“In the film The Day After Tomorrow, a catastrophic shift in climate pushes the world over the edge and into a devastating ice age,” the site reads. “Could it really happen? Yes—and no. … While the likelihood of the big freeze across the globe is slim, but possible, extreme weather disasters are on the increase. … Today’s real-life climate drama (produced by George W. Bush; directed by ExxonMobil) is more chilling than any movie.”

The actual movie site does include an obscure section called “What Can You Do?” in which the studio admits (perhaps a tad enthusiastically), “At some point during the filming we looked around at all the lights, generators and trucks and we realized, the very process of making this picture is contributing to the problem of global warming!” The section doesn’t mention Greenpeace but does give a quick shout-out to an environmental group called Future Forests.