Greenough Plans for Calif. Expansion

BOSTON Greenough Communications, a tech-focused shop, said it would open a Silicon Valley office in January and named evp Stephanie Casey managing director of West Coast operations.

“This move to the West Coast gives our clients the added benefit of the knowledge and opportunities that come with being in Silicon Valley,” said Phil Greenough, founder and CEO of Greenough here. “The West Coast office is key to our future success as a business, and there is no better person to have at the helm than Stephanie.”

“From Web 2.0 to clean-tech and energy, some of the most important trends in business and technology are being shaped on the West Coast,” said Casey. “At Greenough, our craft is ‘business storytelling’ and I can think of no better place to find and shape great business stories than Silicon Valley.” The location hasn’t been finalized but the shop said the outpost would likely be in the Palto Alto, Calif., area.

Casey helped found Greenough eight years ago and she has also worked at the Weber Group. She has helped fashion corporate reputation campaigns for companies including KPMG, Citrix, Rational, Lexmark, SAS, Intel, Concord and Connected.

Greenough’s expansion beyond New England mirrors that of competitor Racepoint Group in Waltham, Mass., which has a satellite in San Francisco and established a presence in London a year ago.