Green Team Creates ‘Cut the Emissions’ Ads

NEW YORK Environmental Defense is running a newspaper and TV campaign in five states to gain support for the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act, a proposal designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Created by Green Team, New York, the ads target conservative politicians who voted against the act in October 2003.

Newspaper and TV ads, featuring Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., broke in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Tennessee last week. Papers in Arkansas also ran ads the week of May 23. The campaign addresses specific environmental concerns and mentions each of the two U.S. Senators by name.

“We’re not asking for a lot and we’re not expecting a lot,” said Green Team president Hugh Hough, acknowledging that the war in Iraq and economic issues have come to the forefront in this election year. “We’re asking people to voice support for the cause. It’s not an immediate issue, but it’s something people need to be concerned about.”

The campaign, featuring the bayous in Louisiana, trout fishing in Pennsylvania, Lake Erie in Ohio, the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and duck hunting in Arkansas, will air on local cable networks and nationally on CNN. Green Team also created Web banners to run on popular outdoorsmen’s sites such as Ads ask readers to sign an online petition at, if they want to “stand against this threat to Arkansas and America’s natural heritage.”

Environmental Defense, a national nonprofit organization created in 1967 to address serious environmental problems, is focusing on politicians who remain undecided on the McCain-Lieberman Act as the re-vote approaches in late June. The group has worked with Green Team since August of 2003.

“We’re targeting conservatives, people who are not the usual suspects when it comes to environmental concerns,” said Hough, who noted the group spent under $1 million on the campaign. “It’s a legacy issue. We want to ask people, ‘What are you leaving behind for your children?’ “

In one ad, a picture of a father and son hunting is accompanied by copy that reads, “If global warming continues, the only ducks he’ll hunt will be in video arcades.” The tagline, “Cut the emissions,” continues.

McCain and Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., introduced the proposal in January 2003 in an effort to combat global warming.

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