Green Is the New Black

Brands have ramped up their eco-friendly product launches in response to growing consumer demand. A crop of green shopping sites has emerged to make it easier for consumers to find environmentally correct items and get tips on how to weave green practices into their lives, according to research reviewed by eMarketer.

From the beginning of 2009 until April 15, Datamonitor counted 458 new products with eco-friendly claims. If this rate were to continue, the number of green product launches would reach 1,592 in 2009, triple the number in 2008.

Retailers are announcing major green initiatives that range from adding more such products to their catalogs to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in their supply chains. Marketers are experimenting with strategies to engage consumers on social networks and social shopping sites. Progressive brands have extensive information on their Web sites that assesses their progress with green initiatives.

Nielsen Business Media