The Great Fail Podcast: The Wing(s) Get Clipped

Adweek senior agencies reporter Olivia Morley joins the podcast to discuss the coworking company's ascent and downfall

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The Wing, a pioneering and exclusive women’s coworking space, shattered glass ceilings and secured more than $100 million from investors, including WeWork and Airbnb, venture capitalists and celebrities such as U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe and comedian Mindy Kaling.

At its peak, The Wing held a valuation of $365 million, maintained 11 locations across New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago, and catered to 12,000 members with a waitlist of 9,000. But as The Wing was enjoying its ascent to stardom, its employees would soon threaten to clip the company’s ambitions. 

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