Onscreen in a darkened cinema, a young man dreams of leaving his small town.
“I want to be in a place where there are more people than cows,” he laments. The scene is interspersed with shots of people diving, flying planes and walking in camouflage clothing.
“I want to hang out with people as cool as me,” he continues.
A preview for the next summer blockbuster? Not quite. The 30-second spot is actually an Air Force commercial, tagged “You have plans. The Air Force helps you get them off the ground.”
The spot, by Bozell Kamstra in Irving, Texas, broke last week and runs through Aug. 24 in 2,500 theaters nationwide.
The Air Force is one of a growing number of advertisers, including Nike and AT&T, that screen ads before summer blockbusters to target young, affluent and receptive movie-theater audiences.
“They don’t have a remote,” said Air Force account executive and Master Sgt. Juan Demiranda, adding that viewers cannot change channels at the movies.
–Mae Anderson