When Santa Monica, Calif.-based Suissa Miller went looking for an idea for its first TV ads for lock maker Schlage, it came up with this puppy: ‘the Doberman of locks.’ Then Schlage cast 80-year-old actress Maurine Newberger as the little old lady alone in her home when a prowler tries to break through the door. At the sound of the intrusion, Newberger looks up from her knitting and begins to bark, chasing the burglar away. Schlage execs have high hopes for Newberger, who only took up acting five years ago and was selected from a casting call of 200 women over age 75. They think their star could be the next Clara Peller (Remember ‘Where’s the beef?’), and they’re planning a promotional blitz with hopes that Newberger will soon be seen sitting and barking (but not rolling over) on some big-time talk shows.
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