Grand Ole Goodyear

You don’t have to go to Nashville to find country music. But who would think of going to Detroit?
J. Walter Thompson’s Detroit office created a country music CD as part of its introduction of the new line of Goodyear commercial truck tires. Titled Rolling Across America, the album features a collection of original songs with trucking themes.
The CDs were available at a recent Goodyear dealer’s conference. Wider distribution to truck drivers and owner-operators is now under way. Dealers eventually will circulate as many as 30,000 copies, the agency said.
Produced by Nashville’s Ron Chancey, the compilation features popular country group Ricochet, and JWT creative director Rick Pesta even penned one song, “Lost Wages.”
Pesta wouldn’t mind it if the CD’s songs found some airtime on a country music station. “Maybe we could cap off our successful program for Goodyear with a smash-hit single,” he said.
–Tanya Irwin