gotta be the tagline

Don’t tell Gary Geyer the tagline he created for hair salon chain Fantastic Sam’s is strangely familiar.

Sure, “Gotta be the hair” sounds a bit like the old Nike line “It’s gotta be the shoes.” But Geyer, creative director at T&O Group in Irvine, Calif., swears he never saw the Nike spots. What’s more, the very suggestion that his work has been “influenced” by other sources brings back bad memories.

In the early ’90s, Geyer created spots for the Florida Lottery that used the line “You never know.” Shortly thereafter, New York launched a massive lottery campaign with the line “Hey, you never know.” What troubled Geyer were the people who thought his line was borrowed from New York.

When asked about the hair salon coincidence, Geyer brought up the lottery story as proof that these things happen. “What can I tell you? Great minds think alike,” he said.