Got A Problem With This?

Do Sicilians mind being associated with the Mafia? Not if it helps promote their ristoranti.
In its first work for Monzu, a Sicilian eatery in SoHo with a French touch, Hampel/ Stefanides uses a familiar stereotype to make its point: a print ad (shown here) featuring a photograph of a deceased mafioso lying on the floor of a barbershop, a French baguette in his right hand. The tagline: “Sicilian, with a French twist.”
The agency chose a barbershop as the setting for the hit because “it is the typical place where you’d get killed” were one a member of the Mafia, said agency principal Dean Stefanides.
The agency warned its client that some Italian-Americans might take offense at the ad. “We asked ourselves, are the Italians going get really pissed off?” Stefanides said.
But Monzu’s Sicilian owners gave the ad their blessing. “We’re not running it in
the Sons of Italy publications,” he added. Thus far, no complaints have been registered. –Justin Dini