‘Got Milk?’ Pokes Fun at Itself

Goodby’s Slogan Is Everywhere in a Self-Referential New TV Spot
LOS ANGELES–Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has done it again. On June 19, the San Francisco shop will unveil yet another “Got milk?” commercial for the
California Fluid Milk Processor Board.
The 30-second spot is titled “Everywhere,” but will air first in Southern California. If successful, it will be made available to milk boards across the country. Outdoor ads and in-store promotions will support the spot.
Jeff Manning, the board’s executive director, said “Everywhere” is unique because it pokes fun at the campaign itself. “We’re laughing at ourselves,” he said. “There’s not another advertiser in this country that could do this spot because there isn’t another campaign that is as pervasive as ‘Got milk?’.”
Agency co-chairman Jeff Goodby agreed. “I think what we were really doing was commenting on the ubiquity of the line out there,” he said. “It’s playing around with shared experience in many ways.”
The spot features a middle-aged man who encounters “Got milk?” slogans everywhere he goes.
First, he leaves his house and gets on a bus that is plastered with a “Got milk?” slogan. A “Got milk?” billboard is just above him, and when he gets on the elevator at work, a baby being held by his mother is wearing a “Got milk?” T-shirt. Another passenger is also wearing a “Got milk?” T-shirt. The slogan appears a total of 18 times in the commercial.
Still, the wonky-looking husband and father forgets to pick up milk at the market on his way home. When he gets there, he immediately turns around and heads out for it.
The traditional “Got milk?” tag is followed by a voiceover asking, “Do I really need to say it?”
Goodby, which handles the board’s entire $25 million general-market budget, including media, launched the hugely successful campaign seven years ago.
In March, the board broke new ground with its first-ever chocolate-milk spot. The humorous ad featured a teenage boy trying to make chocolate milk by pouring regular milk into a box of chocolate cereal.