Got Milk “Gorgeous Hair”

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has envisioned many worlds over the years to promote the California Milk Processor Board. The latest is Mootopia, an idyllic land where milk flows as freely as water. In the first commercial in the campaign, directed by agency co-founder Jeff Goodby, two gorgeous women in flowing gowns sip milk from a river through long, regal straws. Birds chirp and the sun is shines. It’s the perfect afternoon — until the women disrupt each other’s bliss. “The shine from your hair is hitting me in the eye,” says the perky blonde, while the brunette responds with the same complaint. Just when they seem poised to wrestle in milk, the scene cuts to show the famous “Got milk?” slogan carved into a green mountainside. Ah well, paradise lost for some, no doubt. “Shiny hair, part of another perfect day in Mootopia,” explains the voiceover. A promising start to what it seems will be another funny, inventive showcase for the health and  beauty benefits of milk. –Eleftheria Parpis