GOP Gores VP on Web

Proclaiming that they are “raising the stakes” in the online arena, the Republican National Committee has gone to the Web to skewer presidential hopeful Al Gore.
The online initiative uses TV-quality video clips to send messages directly to voters at the committee’s Web site,
“Not even the self-proclaimed father of the Internet Al Gore can claim a hand in this invention,”RNC chairman Jim Nicholson says in the clip.
With the Beatles song “Nowhere Man” playing, visitors are greeted to images of Gore as a “smooth operator” with campaign finances, “lost in space” on technology issues and always playing “second fiddle” to President Clinton.
The sharpest barb lifts the oft-quoted phrase from Love Story–“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”–to conjure images of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair.
The GOP hopes the Net presence will pay off in future with increased voter registration, help in fund-raising and eventually allow online viewers to respond to candidate polls.
–Wendy Melillo