Google TV Adds Nielsen Data

NEW YORK Google and the Nielsen Co. said Wednesday that they have established a multiyear partnership that initially will focus on collaborating on the search giant’s TV Ads platform.

Google TV Ads launched in May in collaboration with EchoStar’s Dish service and provides a Web-based platform for companies to buy, sell, measure and deliver TV spots. Google uses the set-top-box data secured from Dish to tell clients how many people are watching their ads and for how long.

Google’s TV Ads platform was seen by some at first as an end run around Nielsen. Under the new partnership, though, Nielsen will supplement the Google data aggregated from the set-top boxes with demographics data.

Google TV Ads director Mike Steib called this the “next major step” in the platform and added that it will make the marketing information more relevant to clients.

Although they wouldn’t say anything more specific, both companies also see other potential areas of collaboration in measuring online and other media.

“We’re a leader in our space, and Google is as well,” said Dave Thomas, president of media client services at Nielsen. “This collaboration is going to allow both companies to do things that neither would be able to accomplish on a unilateral basis.”

Thomas also said that discussions have been initiated about partnerships beyond the TV Ads platform.

“There are a lot of areas where there’s overlap in what we do and provide and what Nielsen does and provide,” Steib said.

The Nielsen Co. is the parent of Adweek.