Google Puts Ads in Syndie Feeds

NEW YORK Google said it would extend its ad system with the addition of text ads in syndication feeds.

Publishers in Google’s AdSense program will be able to add advertiser links to their Really Simple Syndication and Atom feeds, with Google targeting ads based on the content of the feed. Google began testing the placement of AdSense ads in feeds late last month.

Syndication feeds have grown in popularity, allowing Internet users to receive headlines and Web content in news aggregators like Bloglines or My Yahoo. Google recommends publishers put as much content as possible in the feed, so as to improve the ad targeting and the user experience, and placing the ad at the end of articles. Publishers are paid an undisclosed percentage of the revenue generated each time an advertisement is clicked.

A recent survey of nearly 60 marketers by Forrester Research found 57 percent interested in advertising in feeds. Other text listings providers, including Yahoo and Kanoodle, are experimenting with feed advertising.