Google Knows All—Even Your Halloween Guise

The hottest costumes across the country

Some things never change. While zombies and vampires are all the rage and actually relevant to the season, Google searches for Halloween costumes this year skewed, unsurprisingly, perhaps sadly, toward the sexy.

Honorable mention goes to California, the only state interested in the best of both worlds—the sexy zombie. Elsewhere in America, Playboy bunnies and Pan Am stewardesses will haunt the streets; the costumes are popular, even though the TV shows are not. 

The more modest set favors the tried-and-true. Angry Birds, almost two years old, reigns supreme. Texans support video games of a more violent nature, New Yorkers continue to mourn Amy Winehouse (or perhaps Zombie Amy Winehouse?), and Wisconsin residents just can’t shake Sully the 2010 hero pilot. Adweek prefers its costumes overdone and sexy—we’re going as the Old Spice guy


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