Google Aids Account Planning

SAN DIEGO Is Google a planning tool?

That was the contention of Penry Price, Google’s director of North American sales, who spoke here at the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Planning Conference.

“We’re focusing on being more relevant,” he said. “But our core business is really connecting people to what they care about and connecting marketers to people they care about.”

Price used case studies to demonstrate Google’s search volume as a proxy for interest, showing that, for example, searches for “metabolic syndrome” and “diet soft drinks” were linked and that box office grosses could be accurately predicted 82 percent of the time as far as six weeks before a movie opening. “That’s good information with enough time to do something about it,” he said.

He recommended the use of Google research to test creative online. For example, in a “click-to-start” effort for Cadillac from Modernista!, the agency learned what spots’ opening images were most intriguing to viewers.

Outlining operating principles, Price said powerful data creates an idea meritocracy, supporting the notion that concepts come from everywhere. “The idea is that the data and the feedback loop are more powerful than our front-end discussions,” he said.

He said multiple personalities of brands are now “leverage-able. The Internet allows for multiple discussions around every asset of brands.” Campaigns on the fly are a promise of the future, Price predicted.