Goodby’s Aliens Ask, ‘Got Milk?’

NEW YORK Milk does even alien bodies good.

A new “Got milk?” campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners centers on the idea that milk is so necessary, even aliens will go to great lengths to get it, abducting cows all over California in order to extract the “white wonder tonic.”

The campaign kicked off with the launch last week of, an online forum where dairy farmers document their missing cow experiences and share tips on how to protect their livestock, e.g., grass camouflage outfits and a “cow crow.”

“The premise is still milk deprivation, but these aliens suffer from all the health ailments that can be aided by milk. They have bad bones, bad hair, a group of women aliens suffer from PMS,” said Ronny Northrup, senior copywriter at Goodby.

Five TV spots and a second site that launches today,, tell the story of the aliens who are trying to get the milk from the “Supreme One,” an unsuspecting cow they’ve named “Da Iry.”

The effort also includes a story in Weekly World News that claims “Mysterious cow abductions shock California dairymen.”

The commercials end with the “Got milk?” tagline, introduced by the San Francisco agency 12 years ago, in a crop-like circle in a field