Goodby Spoofs ’70s Ads

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners last week launched new TV campaigns for Isuzu and Foster Farms employing characteristically bizarre humor from creative directors Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein.
A 30-second spot for the Isuzu Amigo sport utility vehicle spoofs the 1970s advertising for James Industries’ Slinky toy. Young people dressed in a ’70s style cheerily sing the classic TV jingle for the metal coil, tweaking the lyrics to fit the product: “What goes down stairs, alone or in pairs, and even goes uproad? Amigo! Amigo! It’s fun for a girl or a boy.”
The vehicles, seen driving down stairs and spinning doughnuts at the beach, are displayed like toy cars at the end of the spot. A voiceover says: “Battery included.”
“The spot has that flat-light look of [1970s] advertising,” said Marty Wenzell, Isuzu account director for Goodby, noting that the agency purchased the rights to the jingle for a fee “that was far from exorbitant.”
Meanwhile, five new spots backing a regional campaign for Foster Farms use the “Foster Imposters” chicken puppets created by Goodby for previous branding work. This time, though, the wannabe Foster Farms chickens support the client’s “Select Servings” products.
In one spot, the chickens are arrested after attempting to buy fake “California Freshness” documents. The birds end up in the back of a police car.