Goodby Shoots I-Zone Campaign

Polaroid Has ‘Gen Y’ In Its Marketing Sights
NEW YORK–Goodby, Silverstein & Partners will aim Polaroid’s new i-Zone instant pocket cameras at Generation Y with a $6 million national TV campaign breaking in October.
Launching in August, the colorful cameras debuted in a pilot program with Tomy in Japan last year. Goodby’s TV spots will position the cameras as “social enhancers” that create fun situations, said David Lucas, Polaroid vice president of marketing.
Satoru Wakeshima, senior vice president at Sterling Group, New York, which did the packaging, said Polaroid aims to redefine itself to a new generation that views it as “sort of an older brand.”
Executives at Goodby, San Francisco, were unavailable at press time.
The passport-size “Pocket Film” 12-exposure rolls of film will come in versions with sticky and non-sticky backing. Polaroid and rival Kodak are both hoping photo stickers, which are popular in Japan, will catch on in the U.S.
The cameras target 9- to 24-year-olds who prefer instant gratification, Lucas said. “Usually their interest [in photography] wanes when they realize they have to wait a day or so to develop a photo,” he said.
Polaroid, Cambridge, Mass., has licensed the camera to Mattel, which will launch a Barbie version later this year, and to Warner Bros., which plans to sell a Looney Tunes version in its WB stores in the fourth quarter.