Goodby Reworks Pac Bell’s Appeal

By Joan Voight

SAN FRANCISCO–Pacific Bell has opted to drop from its ads a campy spokesman developed by agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

The droll character wore a suit as he showered, trimmed hedges and hiked into the wilderness to show off Pac Bell services.

Goodby, Silverstein unveiled last week two ads that ran in California without the spokesman. The campaign marks the San Francisco shop’s first work for Pacific Bell Information Services since landing the $5-10 million business last year. BBDO West’s Los Angeles office resigned the business due to conflicts with the AT&T account.

The new work is more conventional. The campaign touts call waiting and The Message Center voice mail system. In one, two technicians driving in a company truck ask each other questions, such as ‘Your college sweetheart or your high school sweetheart?’ The viewer realizes they are asking whose call they would take if they had to choose between the two.

It is unclear if the new approach will define the long term direction of Goodby’s Pac Bell ads, said insiders.

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