Goodby Pairs People With Saturn Ions

NEW YORK Goodby, Silverstein & Partners broke the print portion of its new “People first” campaign this week with three ads for the Saturn Ion Red Line that pair personalities with their cars.

Each ad by the San Francisco shop presents two images, one of a person and one of a Red Line, Saturn’s new sports coupe. One ad shows a girl in a closet holding a blue shoe, next to an image of a blue Saturn Ion Red Line. The headline states, “Perpetually Late Girl in Closet,” while copy explains how a Saturn could help this person: “When you put people first, you try to get them there first too. With its supercharged 205-hp engine, sport-tuned suspension and 17-inch forged alloy wheels, the Ion Red Line quad coupe might even make you perpetually early.”

Two other executions feature the “See Every Monument Guy” and “The Chose His Car Over His Girlfriend Guy.”

“It’s about people’s needs and the car solving those needs,” said Goodby art director Tyler Magnusson about the print campaign. He added the personalities were chosen because people can relate to them. “I think these people should all be very familiar to everyone,” he said.

Jamie Barrett and Mike McKay served as creative director and copywriter, respectively, on the print push, which supports a TV campaign that broke in March and introduced the “People first” tagline. One spot in that effort shows a woman in a Saturn being followed by a line of emergency vehicles, including a fire truck and a police car. When she arrives home, a voiceover explains, “When you put people first, you make sure help is never far away. Saturn now offers OnStar.”

The print buy includes magazines such as People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, Blender, Cooking Light and Cosmopolitan. A second round of ads, also featuring characters paired with Saturns, will break in the summer.