Goodby Gets Out Of ‘Drysville’

It’s about to get even drier in Drysville.
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners will abandon its 9-month-old “The Town Without Milk” campaign (shown here) for client California Milk Processor Board in favor of its previous creative strategy.
The change, which is being made at the behest of the Berkeley, Calif.-based client, comes after recent focus group results showed that the “town” ads created under the umbrella of Goodby’s long-running “Got Milk?” theme have not boosted sales, said Jeff Manning, the board’s executive director. “People liked the ads, but they saw the characters as ‘them,’ not ‘me,'” he said.
The San Francisco shop is producing new TV spots, which hearken back to past ads showing people frustrated when they run out of milk while eating gooey foods. Two will break in California Aug. 24, followed by an expected national rollout early next year.
One new spot features “Grandma,” who tries to substitute her cats’ milk with non-dairy creamer, with dire consequences.
The shift is designed to reinforce that there is no substitute for milk, Manning said.
–Angela Dawson and Joan Voight